Here at Mountfield Contracting, we have many years of experience within the film industry. Hailey and Oli have been working in the Transport Department for over 5 years and worked on productions such as Meg, The Shannara Chronicles, and Mulan. They have worked their way through multiple roles and departments such as Grips, Locations, and Construction, but always end up back where their hearts belong – in Transport. Most recently, Hailey has been Co-Swing Captain for ‘One of us is Lying’, and Oli has been Swing Captain for ‘Punch’.

Mountfield has a large and varied crew behind them ranging from Class 1s through to Class 5s. We have drivers with all endorsements from Passenger to EWP. We have the honour and support of highly experienced crew dating back to Xena days who are willing and happy to help train up our new and eager, up-and-coming Transport crew.

Some of our top notable crew consist of:

Sean Waugh – Swing Captain – 12 Years Experience

Ian Lonergan – 2IC – 13 Years Experience

Stu Hogg – 2IC – 16 Years Experience

Mark Findlay – Shuttle Driver – 2 Years Experience

To compliment our Transport team, Mountfield Contracting also has access to a wide range of equipment and services 24/7, 365 days a year. This comes in handy if equipment faults in the early hours of the morning and can be resolved before first crew call.